Flesh, fabric, and wallpaper are materials that are supple, depthless, and used to cover and obscure a structure beneath. Skin is a single organ whose properties are essentially two-dimensional, but is stretched and pulled into the third dimension. It can be pinched, curled, folded, burnished, cut, creased, peeled, swollen or furled. It is glossy, wet, dry, velvety or slick. These are qualities that signify what something feels like as opposed to what it symbolizes. We project an idea onto an object and the idea is subject to being manipulated and adulterated over time. Like this, Americana and femininity are examples of artificial symbolism. An investigation of the surface strips symbolic meaning and layering allows for creation of new spaces and significance. An investigation of surface yields evidence of the process of creation itself. There are traces of pencil marks under the paint; areas left unfinished, things peeling and warping. This exploration of surface allows me to distort imagery and in turn, reveal new meaning.